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Everything You Need to Know About Compostable Postage Satchels

Compostable Postage Satchels Australia's e-commerce market has multiplied in the last few years. It is predicted that...

Eco Friendly Poly Bags

Imagine the compound effect of continuous use of plastic in the next 40-50 years? We know it is scary! Plastic has been our villain since then. That is why we have found one of the solution to help our planet! What are eco friendly poly bags? and Why are these eco-friendly? How Hero Packaging is using Eco friendly bags? Click to read more!

What is PBAT?

Let's learn about the material that makes up 70% of our home compostable mailers: PBAT. Learning about the ingredients that go into your packaging products and awareness of how they can impact the planet is the first step to moving towards a sustainable business.

The Truth about Recycled Plastic Mailers

So many businesses are focusing on sustainability right now, which is fantastic. One of the ways they are changing bu...

The difference between Pre-Paid Mailers and HEROPACKs

What is the difference between pre-paid Australia Post mailers and HEROPACKs?   This is a question we get asked many...

Featured in: Broadsheet

Article text from Broadsheet written below.   While Anaita Sarkar was pregnant with her second child, she launc...

Coopers Kingdom Pet Co

  All natural small batch pet treats 100% natural & Australian with absolutely no nasties! https://www.c...

How To Be A More Sustainable Business

If you run a business, you may be looking for ways to become an overall more sustainable brand. The pressure is on bu...

Case Study: Adorn Cosmetics

Beautiful brand Adorn Cosmetics is well known within the industry for their eco friendly products. We wanted to delve...

I don't have a compost bin! What do I do?

One of the questions we get asked most is about what to do when you don’t own a compost bin! Sure, home compostables are fantastic - but without a home composter, what are you supposed to do? Fortunately, composting is on the rise and there are several awesome options for you

3 Quick Plastic Free Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

We love a good hack! And today's hacks are all about removing plastic from the kitchen cleaning process. They're simple to do and so worth it!

10 Simple Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Plastic You Use!

We all know that single use plastic isn’t great for the environment. Recycling options often aren’t ideal either, with plastic only really ever being able to be ‘downcycled’ a few times. The best way (we think!) is to cut out single use plastic wherever possible. If you’re new to reducing your plastic consumption, here’s a few simple ways to make your everyday actions a little more green. 
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