How It Works

So, you've heard about compostable packaging and you love the thought of being eco-friendly, but you're not exactly sure how it all works?

Well, you're in the right place! Let us show you what it's all about.

What are Compostable Mailers?

 Our compostable mailers, fondly known as HEROPACKs (shipping bags) or HEROBUBBLEs (padded shipping bags), are used to ship your products to customers. Unlike traditional shipping mailers, these are NOT made from single use plastic. Our mailers are made from 30% plant-based materials such as PLA and 70% from a certified compostable material called PBAT (a synthetic bonding agent).



"But, how exactly do I use them?" you ask. 

Great question!

This is how:

1. Purchase some HEROPACKs off our website (you are paying for the mailers only, NOT the shipping costs). 

2. When you receive an order from your customer, package up your item in a HEROPACK. 

3. Print a shipping label and stick it on the mailer. Printing labels at home can be done with Australia Post E-Parcel, Sendle or another shipping provider. Alternatively, you can print labels on a regular printer and pay for the shipping cost at the post office.

4. If you can't print and pay for labels at home, take the package to the Post Office and pay for postage. They will print the address sticker for you.

5. Save the tracking number and send it to your customer.

6. Let your customer know that when they receive the mailer, they should cut along the line on the flap and re-use it with the second adhesive (glue) strip. Our mailers are one of the only ones in the world that have a reusable strip!

7. Once the mailer has been used up, the last person to receive it can cut it up and put it in their home-compost bin (note, these can't be placed in the recycling bin).

8. If they don't have a compost bin, they can go to Share Waste and find someone who has a compost bin near them. Some councils also provide a green organics waste/compost bin.

9. Once composted properly, the HEROPACKs will start to break down and turn into amazing fertiliser for the garden. This takes about 90-120 days (3-4 months).

10. Our goal is to ensure all our products are disposed of correctly and never end up in landfill. It's most important to help your customers home-compost our products to take full advantage of the environmental benefits. As most landfills are deprived of oxygen, all materials ending up in landfill do not degrade as intended, including our compostable products.

Kapow, Single Use Plastic!

Since we have started, Hero Packaging has sold over 20 million compostable HEROPACKs, which means 20 million less single use plastic bags in the environment. 

We would love you to join us in the fight to banish this supervillain forever!

Want to know more? Contact us anytime here.

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