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Keep your packaging as eco-friendly as possible with the range of accessories from HEROPACK. From biodegradable labels to green alternatives to bubble wrap, our accessories collection makes it easy to continue eco-friendly packaging in Australia throughout your orders, creating a better experience for your customers and giving Mother Earth a helping hand too. Discover the full range today and shop our innovative compostable materials that ensure your packaging choice is genuinely making a difference for the better. 

Everything you need to safely ship your goodies to customers

As well as our compostable poly mailers, HERO offers a variety of accessories to make sure your product reaches its destination safely, without placing extra strain on Mother Earth. If you care about reducing your footprint as a brand, you’ll love the range of eco-friendly packaging accessories on our site.

Eco-conscious alternatives to bubble wrap

To protect delicate items and pad out larger mailers during shipping, you can’t go past our HERO Hex Wrap. We love the Hex Wrap for so many reasons: 

  • Made from 100% recycled material, recyclable and compostable.
  • As protective as bubble wrap, without the nasty waste.
  • Sustainable and reusable thanks to a clever honeycomb design that expands and can be packed down with waste. 
  • Easy and quick to pack, Hex Wrap can be used to wrap multiple items and is far faster than old fashioned alternatives. 
  • An attractive natural finish creates a memorable aesthetic experience for your customers.

Natural tape for a greener packaging

Leave single-use scotch tape in the past with our Composticky Tape that really is the future of packaging. Safe for use on glass, metal, cardboard and, of course, our HEROPACKs, Composticky Tape is a vegan product made from PLA (polylactic acid) and natural rubber adhesive. This tape meets the requirements for disintegration and ecotoxicity and is strong enough to secure packages safely.

Compostable adhesive labels

Not all labels are created equal. Spare a thought for the planet and save your packaging from single-use waste with 100% home-compostable branding HEROLABELs. Made from amazing, all-natural, unbleached sugar cane paper, we think you’ll be as excited about these labels as we are. They’re certified compostable, have a beautiful tone thanks to naturally occurring fibres, are easily adhered to a variety of surfaces (especially our mailers), and are completely vegan, tree-free and non-GMO. How good is that?!

We’re proud to present the range of accessories that care about the earth as much as you care about your customers. It’s just one of the reasons why we’re the leading brand for eco-friendly packaging in Australia

Get the little details right with eco-friendly packaging as well as mailer bags

Compostable mailers are all well and good, but introducing plastic scotch tape or single-use plastic bubble wrap can quickly diminish how ‘green’ your product packaging actually is. At HERO, we care about making a real difference to the planet, not just creating an illusion of sustainability. That’s why our HERO accessories are just as compostable as our mailer bags, to create a packaging solution that we believe is the best option for eco-friendly operations. 

Shop eco-friendly packaging, Australia

No matter what your packaging needs, HEROPACK’s eco-friendly mailer bags, poly mailers, labels, and accessories make it easy to love the planet while putting your best foot forward in terms of professional and genuinely sustainable branding. Discover our great value HEROPACK compostable mailers in a variety of beautiful colours and styles to suit any branding. Need to handle bulk orders with ease? You’ll love our HERO printers with easy Bluetooth and USB connections that make labelling and printing orders a breeze. 

We’re passionate about creating better compostable and biodegradable solutions that are far superior to abundant plastic packaging and show your customers your dedication to sustainable practices. If you’re ready to embrace the better, compostable packaging, check out our HEROPACK accessories today.

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