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This is Hero Packaging.

We make Earth-saving, compostable, zero-waste packaging products that are also kinda cute. But don't let the cuteness fool you. Our company is serious about making a difference.
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Founded by us.

We are Anaita and Vik, a husband and wife duo who are committed to removing plastic from packaging and shipping in Australia and the world.
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But who are we, really?

We are business owners and parents of three little girls. The reason we run Hero is so we can show our girls how to run a business, give back and do good for the planet. 
We now have a team of amazing people who help us in the business, including Amy (Customer Service), Jo-Ann (Account Manager), Cathy (Purchasing), and a warehouse team who dispatch our orders.

Hero Packaging Today

Our Head Office is based in Sydney, Australia and we have distribution warehouses in Australia and soon in USA and Canada. 

To date, we have saved over 6,000,000 plastic mailers from entering the planet. On a daily basis, we send over 4000 HEROPACKs around the world, and it is increasing rapidly!

We work with small to large businesses globally, including Beginning Boutique, Cue Clothing, Lush Cosmetics, Birdsnest, HoMie, and Moana Bikini.

Hero Packaging also now partners with some of the biggest distribution houses globally.

How did it all start?

Hero was created after our first e-commerce retail business, where we were shipping over 80-100 products a day…in plastic. When we would see our customers opening up our packages, we started to feel incredibly horrified at the amount of waste we were creating (and we were just one business!). The real cherry on top of the plastic pie, was when our 2 girls were in our office during school holidays and were sitting amongst a pile of plastic, playing with the bubble wrap. We knew there had to be something better. We googled alternatives to plastic mailers and the only solution we could find were paper-based packaging. It was a great idea, but not water proof so it wouldn’t work for our products.
During our research, we had come across companies across the world doing amazing things for sustainability (like turning pineapple leaves into leather!), but there wasn’t a single eco-friendly solution to replace plastic shipping mailers. From that moment, we were on a mission to create that solution. And after testing a bazillion different materials, we found a material that was compostable, but also water proof, super durable and acted like plastic in the shipping process, but would break down in a compostable environment.

OMG, did we just solve the Plastic problem?

Well no, but we did find a replacement for those pesky plastic mailers. And we were stoked! We visited our manufacturer to talk to them about our plans and we walked away feeling excited. We knew we found our ideal solution, but wanted to know if any other businesses would be interested. We posted about it on social media and (whoa!) the response was phenomenal.
So, we put our business hats back on and developed mailers in the sizes and colours that you see today.

What did we learn along the way?

We have learnt that recycling as a solution to the plastic problem is not enough. 90-95% of plastics and food scraps end up in landfill, and in that environment, they turn into methane which is a deadly enemy of our Planet. They also excrete micro-plastics into the environment. So, we decided to specialise in mailers that were home compostable, but also made from such materials that if they ended up in landfill, they would still break down with no waste.

No Bullsh*t Mailers

We made mistakes when we started because we tested a number of variations of compostability and durability and they didn’t all work out. But we have now perfected our HEROPACKs and we are obsessed with them. There are no false claims in our packaging nor is there any greenwashing. We know that compostable mailers aren’t the perfect solution. But they are the best solution for now.  They are robust in shipping, have double strips so they can be reused and they are certified by Australian BioPlastics as home compostable.

Talk to us directly!

If you’re like us, you love getting to know the people behind the brands and there’s only so much we can say here, so email us any time to have a chat:
For any general enquiries, email us at
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