FOUR Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Compost Packs

Why should Small Businesses Use Compost Packs? The impact of plastic packaging on the environment is bad enough for b...

Aussies Should go for Plastic Free Packaging

Plastic Free Packaging in Australia If there is anything that deserves to be entirely gone from the face of Earth, th...

4 Things You Should Know While Searching for Biodegradable Packaging Provider in Australia!

Are you looking for the best biodegradable packaging provider in Australia to use sustainable packaging in your busi...

3 Things you should know about a Biodegradable packaging solution provider

Business owners have started showing much interest in biodegradable packaging solutions these days, and we are happ...

What is Biodegradable Packaging and Why is It Different to Plastic?

Biodegradable material can degrade easily and quickly without emitting harmful toxins into the environment. These materials are made from biopolymers extracted from living organisms, primarily plants. Plastic is efficient in keeping out microbes, but plastic waste has been building up in landfills and oceans worldwide, making it unsustainable.

Why is Compostable Packaging The Best Type of Packaging?

With all the benefits that compostable packaging has to offer, we have found it the best alternative to plastic pack...

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is the answer to one of the biggest global challenges facing in present times. As much as we want to make our planet a beautiful place to live in, the plastics we use are not helping. No matter how much research has proved that plastics are harming Earth and all life in it, we have been very slow.

Everything You Need to Know About Compostable Postage Satchels

Compostable Postage Satchels Australia's e-commerce market has multiplied in the last few years. It is predicted that...

Eco Friendly Poly Bags

Imagine the compound effect of continuous use of plastic in the next 40-50 years? We know it is scary! Plastic has been our villain since then. That is why we have found one of the solution to help our planet! What are eco friendly poly bags? and Why are these eco-friendly? How Hero Packaging is using Eco friendly bags? Click to read more!

What is PBAT?

Let's learn about the material that makes up 70% of our home compostable mailers: PBAT. Learning about the ingredients that go into your packaging products and awareness of how they can impact the planet is the first step to moving towards a sustainable business.

The Truth about Recycled Plastic Mailers

So many businesses are focusing on sustainability right now, which is fantastic. One of the ways they are changing bu...

The difference between Pre-Paid Mailers and HEROPACKs

What is the difference between pre-paid Australia Post mailers and HEROPACKs?   This is a question we get asked many...
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