Meet our HEROPACK Shipping Mailers

Meet our signature zero-waste and home compostable HEROPACK shipping mailers, plus our HEROBUBBLE padded mailers made from renewable and compostable ingredients. With plenty of colour and sizing options, we're certain you'll find suitable eco-friendly packaging for your products.

HEROPACKs — compostable mailers perfect for business and personal use

If your business is concerned about rising carbon emissions, plastic pollution levels and climate change, one of the best things you can do is make the switch to compostable mailers, which have an incredibly lower carbon footprint. They’re also practical, eco-friendly and available in a range of bright and bold colours and prints.

There are a number of key benefits to using compostable mailers and keeping your business planet-positive:

  • Minimising carbon emissions — The process behind manufacturing compostable mailers requires less energy and resources in comparison to plastic packaging materials.
  • Reducing waste in landfills — Depending on the environmental conditions, compostable mailers can decompose in just a span of 3 to 4 months in the right settings. Our compostable mailers are specially designed to easily be composted at home — they can be put right into your backyard’s compost heap along with the wormies!
  • Helping the local environment — Creating compost improves soil quality and supports organic life. Microorganisms in soil thrive in organic matter, making compostable mailers an eco and future-friendly packaging option for all living beings.
  • Cutting shipping costs — As shipping costs are generally measured in weight, bulky packaging boxes usually end up costing more, even for the smallest items. Our compostable mailers come in various sizes and are also extremely lightweight, making them highly cost-effective for shipping purposes.
  • Strengthening your brand’s cause — If you’re an eco-positive brand selling planet-friendly or sustainable products, compostable mailers can serve as an integral part of your brand’s messaging. Compostable mailers are a great way to highlight your sustainable brand values in a holistic fashion.

Welcome compostable mailers in your brand story with Hero Packaging

If you’re looking to buy compostable mailers in Australia or worldwide, Hero Packaging is here to the rescue. Blending fun and bold design with our desire to make a real difference in the environment, we are committed to providing brands around the world with compostable mailers certified by Australasian BioPlastics Association. Both you and your consumers will love them! 

A small step in your brand’s packaging is a giant leap towards making the world more sustainable. Explore our full collection of Hero printers and accessories such as labels and tapes, to match your HEROPACK family. If you have any questions about our super-convenient shipping or our planet-friendly approach toward customised packaging, get in touch with us today. 


What are your compostable mailers made of?

At Hero Packaging, we make our HEROPACKs out of eco-friendly substances. All our eco-conscious mailers are made from home-compostable materials such as corn starch and PBAT. This biodegradable polymer breaks down in soil and doesn’t leave any toxic residues behind.

How long do your compostable mailers last in storage?

HEROPACKs are made of renewable and nature-friendly materials. They have a storage or shelf life of approximately 9 to 12 months if kept in cool and dry conditions and away from sunlight. This is an important consideration when ordering mailers in bulk. We recommend bulk ordering our compostable mailers for a 3 to 6 month period of shipments to align with their storage life.

Can I order small samples of your compostable mailers before buying them in bulk?

If you’re looking to buy compostable mailers, we understand that you need to be sure that they’re right for your needs. So before we do a full custom product line for your brand, we can do sample mailer packs for you. This will include mailers of different sizes and colours, to help you plan your switch to HEROPACKs.

Are your compostable mailer designs customisable?

We offer customised compostable mailers with minimum order quantities starting at 10,000 pieces. Most custom orders take approximately 10 to 16 weeks from payment to delivery. So if you’re looking to get custom compostable mailers in Australia or anywhere in the world, contact our team to discuss your brand’s colours, patterns, and artworks. We can discuss the best way to carry your business forward in true Hero style.



First Nations People Mailers - Yarli Creative - From packs of 25


Black Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers - from packs of 25


Red Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers - from packs of 25


Latte Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers - from packs of 25


Navy Blue Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers - from packs of 25


Purple Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers - from pks of 25


Pink Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers - from packs of 25


Teal Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers - from packs of 25


Yellow Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers- from packs of 25


White/Grey Home Compostable HEROPACK Mailers - from packs of 25


Black Compostable HEROBUBBLE Mailer - From Packs of 25


Pink Compostable HEROBUBBLE Mailer - From Packs of 25


White Compostable HEROBUBBLE Mailer - From Packs of 25


HEROPACK Sample Packs

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