Where Are They Made

Hero Packaging is ethically and responsibly produced in China

Yes, our products are made in China. And there is a reason for this.

In a time where supply chain is at the forefront of many customer decisions, producing goods in China is sometimes not looked upon favourably in contrast to locally made goods. At Hero, we love local businesses. But for the production of our goods, we chose China for 2 key reasons:

  1. China has access to the compostable resin, the natural materials and the technology to be able to produce our HEROPACKs. The accessibility of these is important when it comes to production because it saves importing foreign materials (which is pretty bad for our carbon footprint). 
  2. There are no manufacturers in Australia who can create the product we want, to the level that we want. When we first started Hero, we spoke to a number of Australian manufacturers who produce plastic mailers to see if they could use compostable resin for our products. None of them were able to create the exact product we wanted. We knew it would be fantastic to have our mailers made in the same country as us and all our staff, but after weeks of research, we knew it wouldn’t be possible. 

With our China suppliers, we can customise our products down to the micron thickness, the (absolutely-no-plastic) packaging, the various bundles and exact Pantone colours. We found that local suppliers were not as open to custom requirements and did not have the capability to create them. Things like our no-plastic policy were knocked back because it’s how they’ve always packaged their products. 

Our mission has always been to stop the need for single use plastic in business. The best way we found to do that was using premium suppliers in China who mirrored our ethos and understood our goals. We keep costs down and we can create new products efficiently. 

Are Chinese Made Goods unethical?

Like in all countries, some products are made well and others, not so much. We have hand selected manufacturers who are wonderful and who produce the highest quality of home compostable mailers in the world. We check their work by getting our mailers tested and certified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA). 

Vik and Anaita have also travelled to China to meet the manufacturing team, see the working conditions and to see production in motion. 

Where are our staff?

All Hero Packaging staff members live and work in Australia. We started as a small business with only our founders Anaita and Vik working from their dining table in Sydney, to now 7 staff who work in Sydney and Brisbane. Our dispatch warehouse is based in Sydney and we now have one in the USA. 


We absolutely know that some people don’t want products made in China, but we wanted to give you all the facts and be transparent. We are always looking for ways to improve and do better and we will always keep you in the loop, every step of the way.