What is the Best Biodegradable Packaging for Clothing?

As the fashion industry continues to grow, it's important to consider the impact our consumption has on the environment. As business owners, we also must consider the impact we have in our business operations. One way to reduce the impact as a fashion/clothing business is by using biodegradable packaging for your clothing.

best biodegradable packaging for clothing

So, what is the best biodegradable packaging for your clothing brand? Here are a few options to consider:

Outer packaging:

  1. Home compostable packaging: Brands such as Cue Clothing and Birdsnest and RipCurl send their clothing in home compostable packaging like this. This packaging is great because it breaks down with no toxic waste in your garden. These biodegradable materials are made from renewable resources, such as cornstarch or potato starch, and are biodegradable. It's a good option for clothing packaging because it can be easily disposed of and returned to the earth as compost.
  2. Paper packaging: Paper is a natural, renewable resource that is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Have a look here for paper packaging. It's a great option for clothing packaging because it's strong and durable, yet easy to break down in the environment. Brands like H&M use paper based packaging.
  3. Cardboard packaging: Like paper, cardboard is biodegradable and recyclable. It's also a good option for clothing packaging because it's sturdy. However, cardboard boxes are expensive.
biodegradable packaging for fashion

Inner Packaging:

In addition to these options, it's also important to consider what comes inside the outer packaging. Businesses must ensure that the garment bags that clothing wrapped in is also biodegradable. 

These compostable and biodegradable garment bags are a great choice because they completely break down in a home compost bin.

If you want transparent garment bags that are biodegradable, then you should try AQUAHERO. It is a completely water soluble bag that biodegrade is waste water systems.

biodegradable poly bag packaging for clothing

By choosing biodegradable packaging for clothing, we can help to reduce waste and the impact of traditional packaging on the environment. It's a small, but important step towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

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