Everything You Need to Know About Compostable Postage Satchels

Everything You Need to Know About Compostable Postage Satchels

Compostable Postage Satchels

Australia's e-commerce market has multiplied in the last few years. It is predicted that revenue from the Australian e-commerce market will reach USD 32.3 billion by 2024.

E-Commerce boom
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, COVID-19 has led to a surge in online shopping, creating more revenue opportunities for businesses.
But with this growth in online shopping, companies must begin to reassess their carbon footprint as the usage of packaging materials increases.

Compostable postage satchels are one way of expanding your business in the online space with a lower impact on the environment's health. When your customers order products online, instead of packaging those products in plastic (which harms the environment), consider going green with postage satchels that can quickly degrade without emitting toxins or harming the surroundings.


What are compostable postage satchels?

When you send products through post, you will use a postage satchel, also known as a mailer, to keep the product safe till it reaches your customer. So far, businesses have mainly depended on plastic packaging because it is durable and keeps products safe. But plastic, as we all know by now, is causing a lot of pollution.
Researchers identified materials that can replace plastic and do less harm to the environment. That is why we Hero Packaging has discovered compostable postage satchels.
When your customer receives the product, they can unpack and dispose of the satchel in a composting bin to become rich compost for plants. 'Hero Packaging' design and sell satchel compostable at home, making it even easier for your customers. If the customer does not have a compost bin, they can use www.sharewaste.com to find someone near them with a compost bin. A benefit to using our compostable postage satchels is that our satchel has a reusable adhesive strip so your customers can reuse them.

How long does it take compostable postage satchels to break down?

Typically, the satchels break down completely within 90 and 120 days. To ensure that they decompose correctly, users must dispose of the package either in a composting bin or at a composting centre.
If customers dispose of satchels in the garbage bin, then it is taken to the landfill, it would take longer for them to break down because they do not have easy access to the right microbes to decompose quickly.


Is the compost safe for my plants?

YES Absolutely! They are safe and environment-friendly. Once compostable postage satchels have decomposed completely, they are just rich and organic fertiliser for your plants with no harmful ingredients in them. 

Making a difference

Compostable packaging is the future of the packaging industry. The planet has reached its limits to accommodating plastic waste. We have already noticed how these plastics are contaminating our land, water, and air. Living creatures have suffered deeply because of the plastics we have disposed of in the environment. To create a sustainable future for generations to come, we must look at alternatives to plastics in all possible ways.
Move to compostable postage satchels today, and your customers will love you for it.

Are you the ONE who are looking for sustainable options?
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