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Eco Friendly Poly Bags

Eco Friendly Poly Bags

Plastic was created in 1907 – a little more than a century ago. Given the amount of time humans have been on the planet, a century is a very short time. And yet, within a century, plastic pollution has created devastation and damage at a level where many of us felt that there would be no turning around and that the planet was doomed. Imagine the compound effect of continuous use of plastic in the next 40-50 years?

Thanks, heaps! Products like eco-friendly poly bags have finally been able to provide us with an alternative that can reduce plastic consumption and help the planet heal from the damage we have already done.
Plastic has become so easily and cheaply available around the world that it became the choice material for big things and small. From replacing the eco-friendly paper bags used at grocery stores to being used in consumer electronics, plastic is one of the commonest things you will find at a shopping centre. It is used for packing foods, cosmetics, and even our garments.
While completely replacing plastics will take a looong time, Hero Packaging is leading the change from plastics to bio-degradable solutions in the packaging industry. One of these solutions comes in the form of eco-friendly polybags.



We use eco-friendly poly bags for creating garment bags. Since mailing garments safely and without damage can be difficult, we came up with a solution that is similar to plastics in how it looks and feels but is compostable (Hurray!).
They act as an extra layer of coverage for garments and other accessories before they can be placed in a mailer bag. Our garment poly bags are Australian-certified home and industrially compostable
Looking for customised poly bags? We can also customise the poly bags according to business requirements increasing brand visibility. These customised mailers are ideal for great unboxing experiences for your customers.
Innerhero compostable garment poly bags


Our eco-friendly poly bags are made of PBAT (What is PBAT?) and PLA. These ingredients are 100% compostable and do not leave any residues or toxins behind. With the help of these ingredients, we are hoping to reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging industry and encourage more businesses to adopt sustainable solutions.


Since these bags are bio-degradable, they have a specific shelf life. If you are ordering high volumes of the product, remember to keep them away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place. These bags usually last between 9 and 12 months.


Plastic alternatives are slowly growing in popularity around the world as we become more aware of the increasing problems of plastics on the planet. While we are yet to transition to a plastic-free life, it is important to make a conscious effort to choose an alternative when it is available.
Eco-friendly poly bags are a great alternative to plastics used in the packaging industry. They can greatly bring down the number of plastics filling up our oceans and threatening wildlife. Since these bags decompose without leaving any toxins behind, they do not harm the planet or the life on it.


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