What is Sustainable Packaging?

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is the answer to one of the biggest global challenges facing in present times. As much as we want to make our planet a beautiful place to live in, the plastics we use are not helping. No matter how much research has proved that plastics are harming Earth and all life in it, we have been very slow-moving away from plastic.
As a result, the oceans have plastics floating like islands, and landfills have mountains of plastic waste! What a shame that we cannot recycle or reuse it! So what exactly are we waiting for to transition into sustainable materials and completely give up plastics?
The blame keeps passing from government to industry to business owner to consumers. Each one believes that the one down the line should stop using plastic, but so far, only a few have taken resilient actions to fight the plastic problem. The packaging industry has recently activated its sustainability conscience, and more companies are beginning to look at ingredients that do not harm the planet. We use these ingredients for creating sustainable packaging.


There are two sets of criteria that any sustainable product targets to achieve:


  1. It is primarily made from renewable resources so that our dependability on non-renewable resources of the planet can reduce.
  2. It can quickly decompose in the environment without emitting harmful toxins that harm the surroundings that it is decomposing in. With these two factors in mind, researchers try to create ingredients and materials which can be as sustainable as possible. In the packaging industry, the ingredients used for creating sustainable packaging mostly use renewable resources like corn starch, tapioca roots, and sugarcane to obtain ingredients like Polylactic acid or PLA.

In addition to the PLA, all packaging materials use PBATs derived from fossil fuels, which are non-renewable resources. The use of these PBATs is mainly to support the decomposition of the materials. Since it uses non-renewable resources, the industry is still researching more sustainable solutions to make packaging even better.

By spreading awareness about sustainable packaging, we try to help more businesses move to packaging solutions that reduce plastic pollution and the harm they do to the planet.

For what sustainable packaging is suitable?

Sustainable packaging is suitable for packaging a wide variety of products. From toys and garments to shoes and accessories, a wide range of industries can use these packaging solutions. These packaging solutions help business owners build a greener approach for their business and encourage environment friendliness among their consumers too.

You can take the first step to transition from plastic to biodegradable packaging solution by knowing what sustainable packaging is and how to use it. Hero Packaging provides business owners of all sizes with a wide range of sustainable packaging options. Check the padded and non-padded packaging solutions to identify which ones will be most suited for your business.

Where do you use packaging in your supply chain for your business?

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