Eco Friendly Packaging

Let's find you the perfect plastic-free packaging!

Finding the right packaging products for your business doesn't need to be confusing. Choose from the categories below to find your perfect packaging.

Non-padded mailers are a great packaging choice for items such as dresses, t-shirts, shorts and all clothing or apparel. They are also great for any other non-fragile products. They come in multiple sizes and colours to suit your branding.

Padded mailers are fantastic for keeping fragile items safe during shipping. We have compostable padded shipping bags and paper based shipping bags. They come in multiple sizes and colours.

If you use boxes to ship your products, compostable tape is a great addition to the packaging process. Our Hero tape can be composted as it is made with partly renewable materials. This tape is made in Germany.

Hex wrap is used to keep your products safe during shipping. You can use it to wrap your items inside a mailer or shipping box. Hex wrap is made from FSC certified paper which makes it recyclable and compostable.

One of the best things you can do to make your business sustainable is to use labels that are compostable. Our Hero labels are made with completely compostable materials and can be used for branding or product instructions.

Printing shipping labels at home has never been easier with our direct thermal hero printer. This printer requires no ink or toner and prints labels super fast. It is compatible with all shipping providers.

I love the design of the Mailing satchels.
My favourite feature is the double lines of tape so that they can be used twice! Genius! They’re great quality and very sturdy in a range of fun colours. I have also ordered the compostable shipping labels. I’m a fan!
- Libby W
Hero packaging is literally the best idea ever invented. I've been looking at ways to improve how I positively impact the earth by limiting plastic use and this compostable packaging is perfect for sending goodies in. It just makes me feel better about the world
- Maddi M