Compostable Shipping & Branding Labels

Compostable labels

One of the best things you can do to make your business sustainable is to use labels that are compostable. Our Hero labels are made with completely compostable materials and can be used for branding or product instructions.

Use it for branding or barcodes! Our Rectangle Compostable HEROLABELs (on rolls) are the perfect size to print barcodes for your products. They can even be used to print your logo or have a cute note for your customers!

The compostable adhesive used on our HEROLABEL rolls is non-toxic and safe for composting. This also means the adhesive is not as aggressive as toxic adhesives which aren't compostable. HEROLABELs have been designed and specifically tested to work with our HEROPACK shipping mailers which have a flat surface. 

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