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3 Things you should know about a Biodegradable packaging solution provider

3 Things you should know about a Biodegradable packaging solution provider

Business owners have started showing much interest in biodegradable packaging solutions these days, and we are happy that so many other organisations share Hero Packaging's vision of sustainability in Australia. If we are to become an economy that is not just powerful but also sustainable, we will overcome several challenges that businesses face around the world.

One of the problems that have created a considerable stir worldwide is the need to ban plastics. Even though plastics have been around for just a century, which is relatively significantly less time when compared to the centuries that humans have been conducting trade, we have become so dependent on it that many businesses fear a ban on plastic.

Researchers are trying to find solutions for this problem one at a time. The packaging industry is moving towards biodegradable packaging solutions to reduce the world's reliance on plastics for packaging. This move alone can save tonnes of plastics from reaching landfills and the oceans.


How can you make a difference by using biodegradable packaging solutions?


As a business owner, you play a crucial role in helping your customers lead a more sustainable life. When you use sustainable products and packaging, you and your customers have a smaller carbon footprint. With less harm done to the planet, by using biodegradable packaging solutions, you are making a difference in the present and the future of the planet.

Many customers have started moving to brands that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. When they buy from these companies, if the packaging ends up being plastic, the customers are still contributing to plastic pollution even though they do not want to.

A holistic approach to sustainability helps your business and customers who want to minimise the impacts of plastic pollution on Earth.


What to look for when finding a biodegradable packaging solutions provider?

1.Quantity :

Since sustainable packaging is designed to decompose when discarded properly, you must look for packaging providers who can offer even small amounts so that your packaging does not end up getting damaged while they sit on the shelves waiting to be used.

2. Quality :

Identify a biodegradable packaging solutions provider who is transparent about the ingredients used in the packaging so that you know if it is entirely biodegradable or not. Hero Packaging researches all ingredients used in the packaging solutions and identifies how these will break down. Their solutions are utterly biodegradable except for the small white strip used to seal the glue strip before the package is used. To use the package, you would remove the strip, place the product inside the package and seal it, so the white strip does not go to the customers making it completely biodegradable for your customers.

3. Options:

Some products need no padding, while others require padded packaging to minimise the risk of damages. At the same time, having more colour options for buying packaging helps you use packages that are coherent with your brand.

Biodegradable packaging solutions are still an area where the packaging industry is conducting a lot of research. As the technology to produce these packages will become more readily available, costs of such packaging will reduce even further, making them not just sustainable but viable for businesses as well.



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