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What is Biodegradable Packaging and Why is It Different to Plastic?

What is Biodegradable Packaging and Why is It Different to Plastic?

Being in the packaging industry, when we talk about sustainability, biodegradable, eco friendly, no plastic; many customers are beginning to ask,  "what is biodegradable packaging, and why is it different to plastic?"

The World grows towards eco-friendliness and sustainability, more and more people are beginning to question the use of plastics because of their inability to be easily disposed without harming the planet. More people are looking for an alternative to plastic.

We have biodegradable solution

As a sustainable packaging company, Hero Packaging researches different materials used in packaging that do not adversely affect the planet.

While our search for the perfect packaging continues, we have recognised some materials which can be better than plastic. These materials help us create biodegradable packaging.


The packaging industry relies heavily on plastics because of the very reason that makes plastics bad for the environment – their inability to be easily destroyed without emitting harmful toxins. Many products can suffer damage when exposed to microbes in the air (you might have heard about fungi, algae, bacteria, virus etc types of microbes).
A packaging solution which can stop this from happening is vital for many industries, including the food industry, the clothing industry, and the consumer electronics industry.
Plastic Waste

Plastic is efficient in keeping out microbes, but plastic waste has been building up in landfills and oceans worldwide, making it unsustainable.

 So, researchers started looking for a packaging solution that does not cause the problems that plastics do, which led to the discovery of biodegradable packaging ingredients.

Biodegradable material can degrade easily and quickly without emitting harmful toxins into the environment. These materials are made from biopolymers extracted from living organisms, primarily plants.

These biopolymers form the base of biodegradable packaging materials and may include ingredients like PBAT (What is PBAT?) and PLA (derived from cornstarch). When you let a biodegradable packaging material perish in the soil, it will eventually break down and become a part of the soil without harming the Earth or emitting toxins into the air.

How is it different from plastic?

  • Plastics do not break down completely

Most of the plastics in our landfills and oceans are over a decade old. They contaminate the oceans threatening the lives of creatures of water, land, and air. Biodegradable packaging, on the other hand, decomposes, leaving no traces on the planet.
    • Plastics damage is irreversible

     We cannot destroy plastics already in existence without damaging the planet because plastics emit harmful toxins when they break down. Biodegradable packaging is a safer alternative to plastics because they do not emit harmful toxins when they degrade.
      • Production of plastics needs more energy than biopolymers 

      Biopolymers are synthesised in an energy-efficient way. When compared with the amount of energy required for the production of plastics, biodegradable packaging is more sustainable.


        Biodegradable packaging solutions available right now are not the perfect solution yet, because they still include ingredients like PBAT, which we obtain from renewable sources.

        We will continue our research, and while we find the perfect solution, our current biodegradable packaging is one of the best way to fight plastic pollution till now! 

        Compostable process

        Our Heropack bags are 100% biodegradable and disappear within 60-120 days! 



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