4 Things You Should Know While Searching for Biodegradable Packaging Provider in Australia!

4 Things You Should Know While Searching for Biodegradable Packaging Provider in Australia!

Are you looking for the best biodegradable packaging provider in Australia to use sustainable packaging in your business? Hero Packaging offers you the best compostable packaging solutions to ensure the safe delivery of your products from the warehouse to your customers.
Research in biodegradable packaging has been very high in recent years, motivated by the need to reduce plastic pollution. As more and more people choose sustainable businesses for their products and services, companies are beginning to look for the best biodegradable packaging provider in Australia to become more sustainable.
We have connected with hundreds of our clients to discuss sustainability solutions. We have come up with packaging materials like mailers, padded mailers, and even labels and tape, which can be reused and later disposed of in compost bins.

4 Things to Know When Searching for the Best Biodegradable Packaging Provider in Australia


1. Transparency of information


Biodegradable packaging providers who can provide clear and accurate information about the products will likely help you understand how sustainable these products will be for your business. Some mailers may be partially biodegradable, with parts of the mailer still using plastic or bubble wrap, which is unsustainable.

The packaging providers should share this information with the business owners to help them make informed decisions about the usage of mailers that are not entirely biodegradable. They would also have to responsibly pass on this information to their customers to make sure the packaging is disposed of properly.


2. Clarity of materials used

Mailers currently available in the packaging industry consist of an ingredient known as PBAT, made from non-renewable resources – oil. It means that the packaging mailers will still have a small carbon footprint.

It would be best if you had clarity of materials used in the packaging to make sure your customers get the correct information, and neither you nor your customers are misled into believing that the product has no carbon footprint at all.


3. Cost of the packaging products

Since the technology used in manufacturing biodegradable packaging is still young compared with the technology used in producing plastics, the cost of sustainable packaging is higher than plastics.

Even the best biodegradable packaging provider in Australia will be able to offer these products at a cost that may seem slightly higher when compared with plastic packaging. It is essential to help your customers see the advantage of using sustainable packaging and encouraging them to support businesses that use and promote sustainable packaging instead of sticking to plastics simply because they are cheaper.


4. Availability of packaging accessories

When you choose the best biodegradable packaging provider in Australia, try to look for additional packaging accessories like sticky tapes and labels, increasing your ease of packaging and help you use compostable or biodegradable packaging accessories.

This way, you can be sure that your packaging is entirely sustainable, and your business can claim to have reduced its carbon footprint by choosing biodegradable packaging.

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