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What’s better: shipping boxes or mailers?

What’s better: shipping boxes or mailers?

Running a business isn't easy. From constantly taking care that the product you sell meets the customer's expectations to marketing your brand to generate new leads, much goes into running a business. And amidst all this, ensuring that the product gets delivered safely is another crucial aspect of running a business. But how can you assure it? By using reliable packaging! Your products' packaging speaks volumes about your business. The choices you make for the packaging can make it or break it, so it is vital to get it right. But how can you find if a shipping box or mailer is best for your products? Well, the smart way to start is to look at what you need from your packaging.

Is it Pocket-friendly?

If you are looking for a cheaper option that will save your business from a substantial financial blow, then you can opt for mailers without any doubt. But, on the other hand, a big shipping box can be a bit costlier and can raise expenses because of its heavier packaging. Though the difference may seem insignificant at first, it adds with time, and you do not want that, especially when you are a start-up or small business owner.

Does it suit your product?

The mailers, when compared to boxes, are made of lightweight and minimal materials, making them extremely compact and easy to carry around. Because of their compactness, they need minimal storage space and are a good option if you are looking to deliver small products that don't require much space. But if you have big-heavy objects to be delivered, boxes are something you might be looking for! If you have multiple items to be shipped and are pretty heavy, shipping boxes are an ideal choice. You can also consider using padded mailers. If you have fragile products or need an extra layer of security, use hex wrap to keep it secure along with the padded mailer. This way, it will be cost-effective and use less space and weight to ship.

Is it Eco-friendly?

With increasing environmental protection awareness and the use of eco-friendly items, both mailers and boxes can be a great option to package and deliver your products. 

Does it protect your product while in transportation?

Besides getting your product delivered on time, your other main concern is to get it delivered to the customer safely and in one piece. You do not want your products to get scratched or a crack during transportation. There are padded mailers you can use to protect fragile items like glasses throughout the journey. Also, if the boxes are not the right size, you may need to use padding inside the box to secure your product. 

What's better?

It's a great shipping debate when it comes to boxes and mailers, but both - boxes and mailers are helpful in their way. Although both can ship your products without any hassle, mailers at some places have more benefits when compared to a box. Their lesser impact on the environment, compactness, and light on the pocket brings mailers a bit ahead to the boxes. When it comes to packaging, make sure you take your time and analyse what suits best to your products. Remember, proper packing can do wonders for your business. Therefore, make the right choice always.

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