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What is the best sustainable padded/bubble mailer in Australia?

What is the best sustainable padded/bubble mailer in Australia?

Finding the most appropriate way of packing is not an easy task. It becomes hard when you opt to not use plastics in your packing and rather go for more sustainable and degradable materials. The search for the material becomes even tougher when you plan to buy something which is also padded or has bubbles. Products in this category are very few. Though Hero packing has come up with a solution to this problem. Hero packing has launched in the market the products which are more sustainable and degradable and yet fit in with all the requirements that one would have with the ideal plastic packing. So, what is the best sustainable padded/bubble mailer in Australia? The answer to this is the HeroBubble. A product that has been engineered to replace conventional plastics without giving up on any of the advantages that plastics had. So, what is the Hero Bubble and how is it the best sustainable padded/bubble mailer in Australia.

1-      Herobubble:

Herobubble is a product by hero packing which is made from sustainable and degradable materials. The packing is made from two degradable polymers namely PLA and PBAT. PLA stands for polylactide whereas PBAT is polybutylene adipate terephthalate. These two materials are mostly made of starch and sugarcane. Both these materials when put in a controlled environment get degraded and become a part of the earth.

2-      Re-useable:

The advantage of Herobubble is not limited just to the fact that it is degradable in the environment. Another big advantage of the pack is that the pack can be re-used. The Herobubble comes with an adhesive strip so that the customers can re-use the bubble bag one more time. 

3-      Durability:

Don’t get confused by the fact that since the Herobubble is made from plant composites and starch it will be weak. The best thing about the Herobubble is that yes, it is degradable but that doesn’t mean that it will lose any strength property of the plastics that are being used. These bags are durable and tough.

4-      Multiple colour options:

As interesting as it sounds the Herobubble is available in multiple colours. The Herobubble is available in the colours pink, black, and white. Or you can just customise it with your own branding! This makes these bags perfect for packing for different occasions are well.

5-      Multiple Size Options:

The mailers are available in multiple size options as well depending upon the availability. 3 sizes are available as Small, medium, and large, where the large being as big as 36cmx48cm. Therefore, you can have different packing for different products.

Finding a sustainable packing material is not easy but if you are a person or business who cares about the earth and the future that it holds then you can play your part in helping the future generation by opting to use sustainable and degradable materials. Plastics should be avoided as much as we can so that the earth sustains to be a better place to live in.

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