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Synthesis Organics


Synthesis Organics is a beauty and lifestyle brand with purpose. It is uniquely positioned to become a global innovation leader in the wellness space by offering its customers a range of differentiated skincare and aromatherapy products that bring a conscious approach to life and beauty. Since its launch in 2015, the company has built a loyal base of world-class spas and influential customers. The products have won numerous awards, and the brand has gained recognition as an ultra-premium skincare and aromatherapy provider in the wellness sector.
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All our ingredients are sustainable, with 95% of them coming from certified organic farms. Our organic factory is run on rainwater and we are on our way to 100% renewable energy power. We recycle all we can and sustainability informs all of our purchasing and sourcing decisions. Packaging has been the greatest area of challenge in terms of sustainability. As a small company with low buying volumes we are subject to what is available off the shelf. Unfortunately, this means we find ourselves in a space still a long way from our ultimate sustainability goals. Regardless we have persevered and found ways to reduce our footprint and take responsibility for not creating more plastic products which can end up in our oceans and ensuring what is created is recycled. We love Hero Packaging because of their 100% Compostable & Eco-Friendly Packaging Shipping Mailers.
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