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Aurelia Alchemy products are a blend of aromatherapy, vibrational medicine, a little bit of earth medicine and a whole lot of magick. What began as little girls hiding in the hedges, mixing flowers and water to make magick in film canisters has turned into a life long passion that has fuelled years of study, research, work and soul searching and resulted in a product range that truly represents everything that Hannah aims to bring into the world. A blend of the logical, science mind and the esoteric medicine woman. This plays out in every step of the crafting process from ingredients, to a full lunar cycle of at least five rituals, right down to how each item is packaged up. A practitioner of multiple modalities, Hannah’s ultimate goal is to help facilitate change for others by working with them to disarm their story and eliminate their limiting belief systems so they can move forward in life authentically. Hannah works as the ferry master, helping to navigate the dark places and hold brace space for the process and the Aurelia Alchemy product range is an extension of this to allow others to support themselves in the comfort of their own space and on their own terms encouraging empowerment and connection to self.


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We are so excited that Hero Packaging makes it so much easier to ensure our business remains as eco friendly as possible. Our items are delicate and the Hero range ensures that they reach their destination securely, without compromising on the environmental impact!
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