Printer and Labels Troubleshooting

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My labels are printing too small! What do I do?

The small label printing is occurring because you may be trying to print an A4 sized page onto our A6 sized shipping labels. Please change your label settings in your shipping carrier system (or wherever you are downloading the labels) to download A6 (100x150mm) sized shipping labels. If you're using MyPOST Business from Auspost, you can change the label size by following Auspost's instructions on this page - https://auspost.com.au/business/parcel-send-help-and-support/set-up-and-settings/set-your-label-printing-preferences.


What do I do if my printer is jamming or the printing looks strange?

It sounds like the printer needs to be cleaned!

Please start by turning off the printer and opening the top cover (push it all the way back and it will gently click into place and stay open standing upright).
Then please use an alcohol wipe to firmly wipe down the print head (the black strip running along the underside of the printer cover when open). Please also wipe down the black roller on the bottom section of the printer when the cover is open. You'll need to firmly rotate the black roller with your fingers and clean each section of it until it's fully clean.
While cleaning the printer, please also check if there are any labels, pieces of labels, or bits of adhesive jammed or stuck on the print head or on the black roller.
This cleaning process should be completed every 1-2 months depending on how many labels you're printing daily.
Start here:

Also run an alcohol wipe over this section:

My labels are printing off-centre and the printing is getting cut-off. What can I do?

This should be an easy fix! Labels can move off-centre and appear to get 'cut off' if the printer stand is not positioned correctly. The label stand needs to be positioned behind the printer so the labels feed into the printer in a straight line. The stand should have some rubber feet to stop it from moving around, but if needed, you can also use some tape to keep the stand still. The guiding tabs behind the printer need to be adjusted to gently touch the sides of the labels feeding into the printer. When positioning the labels, you will need to have the printer off and cover open. Feed the labels into the printer, ensuring that are in a straight line. You can then carefully close the cover and click into place. Be sure to keep the labels in alignment when closing the cover. Once this is done, the labels should no longer move out of place.

Help! My printer doesn't turn on.

Let's fix this. Even if you have done some of these steps, please try them again as explained here:
- Ensure the black on/off button on the back of the printer is set to the on position.
- Check the USB connection to your laptop, and make sure this is firmly plugged into your laptop.
- Run your fingers along the USB cable until you reach the printer, and make sure the cable is firmly plugged into the back of the printer.
- Check the power cable connection on your printer, and make sure this is firmly plugged into the printer.
- Run your fingers along the power cable until you reach the rectangular black box.
- Make sure the connections going into and out of the black rectangular box are firmly plugged in.
- Continue running your fingers along the power cable until you reach the wall power outlet. Make sure the power plug is firmly plugged into the wall outlet and the wall outlet is turned on.

I am having trouble printing using Bluetooth

Bluetooth printing is done via the ThermalPrint app for mobile phones or tablets. If you're using a laptop or desktop computer, then printing must be done using the wired USB connection using the cable supplied.
To print using bluetooth, go to the App Store or Google Play store and search for ThermalPrint‚ and download the app. Once open, click the printer icon in the top right corner and select the printer model HZD950-PRO or HXD840-PRO (this must match the printer model you have). The printer should now be connected and display with a green tick. You can now select PDF files on your phone or tablet, and 'share' them with the ThermalPrint app to print shipping labels or branding labels.
Further instructions for this are on our Printer FAQs page here - https://heropackaging.com.au/pages/hero-printer-faqs. Search for the title "DOES IT HAVE BLUETOOTH?".

It says "Driver Unavailable" - What do I do?

If you get a message that looks like this:

 Then here's what you need to check:

Outdated operating system: Even if all your drivers are fully functional and updated, if you’re not running the latest version of your operating system, compatibility problems can result in a driver unavailable error. 

Windows updates: Drivers are written specifically to integrate with a particular operating system, so changes to your system via Windows updates can cause compatibility issues. Until a driver update is released to fix the problem, roll back Windows by uninstalling the latest update.

Please note, to install the Windows driver, you may need to temporarily disable Windows virus protection, then turn back on after installing the driver. Follow these steps:

  • Select Start > Settings  > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Manage settings (or Virus & threat protection settings in previous versions of Windows 10)
Incorrect installation: If you manually update your drivers, it’s easy to install the wrong driver. Alternatively, you may have the correct driver, but failed to install it properly, resulting in the printer driver being unavailable.
Make sure to click "Run Anyway":


If you need any further help, email us at hello@heropackaging.com.au or call on (02) 8006 1283



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