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Learn how to compost INNERHERO bags like a pro!

How to Compost an INNERHERO

Step 2: Snip it

Cut up the INNERHERO into small pieces. The smaller, the faster the biodegredation.
Chop chop chop.

Step 4: Mix it

Make sure to aerate your compost heap by using a shovel to mix through all of it.

Step 1: Peel it

Peel or cut any adhesive and stickers. This includes the sticky bit at the top of the bag that seals it. This cannot be composted.

Step 3: Pop it

Place into your home compost bin as your 'brown' materials similar to paper, leaves and twigs. You must be sure to include some 'green' material such as food waste.

Step 5: Plant it

Use your compost as fertiliser and use it in your garden or indoor plants.

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