Barcode printing - how to make the barcodes print more clearly - MAC

Please follow the steps below to make the barcodes print more clearly on Mac
  • Go to https://heropackaging.com.au/pages/hero-printer-faqs and scroll all the way to the bottom. 
  • Click the light grey text which says "Mac" under the heading "Tech Support Software"
  • This is a Google Drive link which should allow you to click a blue "Download" button. Click Download.
  • Google may display a warning, but please click "Download anyway"
  • A .dmg software file should download. 
  • Click the file to start the installation process. You will then see a window looking like this:
  • Drag the "LabelRangePrinterTool" file across to the "Applications" folder.
  • The software should now be installed. Close that window and go to your Mac Launchpad and search for "Label".
  • ​Click the LabelRangePrinterTool software icon. 
  • A warning box might display. Click Ok.
  • Then in the top left of your Mac, click the Apple icon > System Preferences > Security & Privacy 
  • ​In the bottom right click "Open Anyway"
  • Click "Open"
  • You should then see this screen, where you can click the printer model HXD840-PRO, then click "Set Printer"
  • Change the "Darkness Setting" in the middle of the screen to 4.
  • Click the "Set" button at the bottom and the printer should beep once loudly. 
  • ​Test printing your label file again and test different darkness settings until the barcode and label appears as needed. 
  • Please note: these settings will permanently change the settings for your printer, and don't need to be done every time you print.
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