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The organic Tshirt is an Australian family business, located in the South-western area of Sydney. It was founded following our passion for good quality and sustainable fashion. We don't just make t-shirts we make a statement about what we believe: when you buy Aussie Made from companies like The Organic Tshirt you support our local economy keeping jobs here in Australia. We believe in good design, keeping an eye on value and comfort. We manufacture our collection here in Sydney using 100% organic cotton. We buy our fabric from Australia and the yarn is imported and certified organic (GOTS). We love to use organic cotton for our clothing because it's more environmentally friendly. We also like the Australian merino wool, soft and warm in winter and the hemp light and cool in summer. Our factory is located in Minto, South-western area of Sydney. We have created a website that's easy to use because we want to provide an excellent shopping experience to all our customers.


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Because our business focuses on sustainable business practices and Hero Packaging share our philosophy and vision.
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