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That's My Scrunchie


Who is that’s my scrunchie (values/mission/how were you created)? That’s My Scrunchie is a local handmade hair accessory brand based in Gold Coast, Australia.The brand Vision for That’s My Scrunchie is to create eco-friendly, sustainable & ethically handmade hair accessories. My mission is to create a unique scrunchies and hair accessories that empower girls and women to feel beautiful and confident about who they truly are. priority. I wanted to create a Scrunchie that would help make possible the ability to uplift your own unique look simply & effortlessly, by designing high quality hair accessories that are fashionable, long lasting and functional.
What HeroPacks do you use? 
Why do you love Hero Packaging? 
They are affordable and are super earth friendly! Packaging is high quality, professional and love that they are biodegradable and can be re-used.
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