SwapUp is Australia's online consignment, thrift store, op shop where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. Customers can find preloved fashion items for women and kids at SwapUp at up to 90% off.
SwapUp aims to make buying secondhand mainstream, so we can collectively reduce fashion waste. Through our online consignment platform, we seek to promote reuse and educate customers on the positive impact of extending a garment’s life and purchasing new less. As we contribute to the 'reuse' movement to reduce waste, SwapUp offers no-frills customer experience and a commitment to be thoughtful in the way we do business. Our product range is updated regularly with like-new and secondhand clothes and accessories.
SwapUp, an online consignment & thrift store that your pocket and our planet love.
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A short note about Hero Packaging
We chose Hero Packaging because we'd like to work with service providers who are conscious about the impact of our activities on the environment - suits our mission and values! The range of sizes and colours Hero Packaging has on offer is also attractive to us. With the Hero Packaging compostable mailer bags in pink, we found a packaging solution that aligns with our brand identity very well.
SwapUp Australia
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