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Salty Clothes


Salty Clothes is a shopping outlet that sells handpicked thrifts from second-hand stores as well as previously owned vintage items. It is a sustainable shopping outlet that does not support fast fashion and encourages customers to shop in a way that supports our beautiful Earth! I don't yet have a functioning website for my business yet, as I make my business transactions through a social shopping app known as Depop. However, I would love to be part of Hero Packaging's online directory, and if this requires me to make these transactions via a website, I am happy to create one and conduct business outside of my usual marketplace. I have included below the URL that I have started on, however it is not complete.
What HeroPacks do you use? 
Why do you love Hero Packaging? 
I made the conversion to Hero Packaging as soon as I heard about it! It made it so easy to cut out using plastic entirely when shipping orders to my customers. I have already promoted Hero Packaging on my Depop and always remind my customers to reuse the parcel packaging if ever they need to ship something off too. Also I LOVE that there's a pink option!
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