Our mission is to build a brand with sincerity, producing ethical fashion whilst contributing to the world in a more positive way. We create for the needs of real women, improving their confidence by providing them with a foundational wardrobe of responsibly made clothing, in the finest materials, to be loved for years to come. In further pursuance of this notion, NATALIJA has adopted a made-to-order business practice; enabling us to reduce our waste as a fashion brand, and eliminate overproduction and excess, without compromising on style. Our intention is to better connect with our women, and engage in an open and honest dialogue with our community. We are here to listen, and work alongside the women who wear, and love our clothes.


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We wanted to ensure the packaging we use to ship our garments was also respectful to the environment. We have consciously chosen to use the white/grey compostable mailer bags and acid-free tissue paper which gently lines the fabric with a neutral ph.
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