Compostable HEROPACK Shipping Mailer in Pink - from packs of 25

Product image 1Compostable HEROPACK Shipping Mailer in Pink - from packs of 25
Product image 2Compostable HEROPACK Shipping Mailer in Pink - from packs of 25
Product image 3Compostable HEROPACK Shipping Mailer in Pink - from packs of 25
Product image 4Compostable HEROPACK Shipping Mailer in Pink - from packs of 25
Product image 5Compostable HEROPACK Shipping Mailer in Pink - from packs of 25
Product image 6Compostable HEROPACK Shipping Mailer in Pink - from packs of 25

Regular price $15.80

Please also note the design of our mailers has changed slightly as follows:

  • Smaller HEROPACK logo on the front (our Heroes can now cover our branding with their own if needed). New photos coming soon!
  • Premium matte finish compared to the previous version which was glossy. This is to differentiate our compostable mailers from glossy plastic mailers.
  • Our compostable mailers are still just as tough, durable and amazing as always!

This is our classic HeroPack shipping mailer in Pink. 

It looks and feels a hellavalot like plastic, but it's not. Not even close. It is a 100% biodegradable, home-compostable shipping satchel and is made from 70-80% PBAT (a co-polymer that is completely biodegradable) and 20-30% PLA (which is a fancy way of saying cornstarch).

In a commercial compostable environment, it will break-down within 90 days. At home, it may take up to 120 days.


Customised Mailers

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We offer custom packaging options with minimum order quantities starting from 10,000 pieces. Custom orders take approximately 3-4 months from deposit payment date to receipt of mailers into your warehouse. This time frame varies from order to order due to the different requirements of our heroes (clients) and other seasonal factors. Prices start from $0.22 per mailer. Setup and sample costs apply.

Please email us at with your requirements.

We have a price-beat guarantee (conditions apply), so whatever your custom requirements are and whatever deadlines you're working with, get in touch and we're confident we can assist!


About Us

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We are Anaita and Vik, a superhuman team of elite composters. Well, part of that is true. In real speak, we are a husband and wife duo who are committed to removing plastic from packaging and shipping in Australia. We knew there had to be another way to package items without plastic, so we looked for an Australian eco-friendly shipping solution. And we looked. And we looked. And we looked. And we came up empty-handed. 

So, we began our mission to create shipping mailers that fulfilled our requirements. We worked hard to find supply chain partners who not only use completely renewable materials, but also have environmentally ethical practices and processes. 

We have learnt along the way that recycling is not enough. 90% of plastics and food scraps end up in landfill, and in that environment, they turn into methane which is a deadly enemy of our Planet. So, we decided to specialise in mailers that were 100% home compostable, but also made from such materials that if they ended up in landfill, they would still break down with no waste.

We would love you to join to our League of Heroes on our mission to save the Earth. Even if you’re not ready to buy, but would like to have a chat about how it all works, please email us anytime at


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We are proud to be certified by Biodegradable Products Institute, OK Compost / TUV (Europe) and our supply chain complies ISO 14001, ensuring environmentally ethical production.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Love these satchels

What a fabulous idea. The satchels are strong and just what I was looking for.


Love them!! So affordable.

Love the message!

I love the message behind the item, but I have not received the media info pack I can send to customers (even after a follow up email) :( .

5 stars to the Hero Team!

Super happy with my hero bags, thanks so much for the quick delivery!
The only drawback for me was rocking up at Aus Post very proudly with my pink Hero pack and ready to go, only to be told it would be cheaper for me to send my post in their plastic satchel ($4 Bris to Vic).
I commented on that being the most rificulous thing Id ever heard as clearly my bag was the better option for the environment. Anyway, I paid the extra and will continue to do so. But I really hope Aus Post get on board and allow your bags as an option!
Kind regards
Hero Fan!

The best Business decision

We recently made the switch to Hero packaging and love what the product offers!! We have seen an increase of sales and marketing has been very well received.
Thanks for creating the greenest choice for packaging options!!!!

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